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We regularly select the properties that we consider the most interesting, for instance, the most profitable ones, the cheapest properties by purchase price and by square metre, the ones with the best qualities and the trendiest. 

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Building in Berlin-Pankow

Building in Berlin-Pankow

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The highest yield

The highest yield, Premises in Berlin-Friedrichshain

Premises in Berlin-Friedrichshain

299.900 €

The cheapest

The cheapest, Premises in Berlin-Pankow

Premises in Berlin-Pankow

270.000 €

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The highest rent/month

The highest rent/month, Building in Berlin-Halensee

Building in Berlin-Halensee

14.900.000 €

The chapest m2

The chapest m2, Plot in Berlin-Oberschöneweide

Plot in Berlin-Oberschöneweide

2.955.000 €

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